Wireless LED Drivers

Dimmable and non- dimmable drivers pre-equipped with BLE chip for future activation of i-Mesh wireless controls for switch on/off or dimming controls for group scene control or sensor driven operations.

  • i-Mesh – Robust, Reliable, and most secure wireless mesh
  • D4i Wireless Dali technology (Product is coming soon)

D4i is an extension of DALI-2 certification

D4i luminaries are intelligent and IoT-ready

Benefits of D4i LED Driver

  1. Automated commissioning – When installed, luminaire can automatically transfer data to remote network, reduces human error, saves installation time and cost, Operator has a full map of asset information.
  2. Predictive maintenance – Diagnostics data allows network operator to anticipate need for maintenance, repair team has knowledge of location and type of fixture.

Mandatory Parts For D4i LED Driver

  • DALI Part 250 – With an integrated DALI bus power supply (PSU) – Suitable for powering some devices – such as sensors – on the bus.
  • DALI Part 251 – Luminaire Data – Information about the luminaire (e.g., ID code, light output, CCT & CRI, light distribution etc.) can be stored in the control gear, Enables asset management
  • DALI Part 252 – Energy Reporting, Provides real-time power & energy usage for control gear
  • DALI Part 253 – Diagnostics & Maintenance, Operating data for control gear and lamps, including failure conditions, run-time data, Enables predictive maintenance
  • DALI Part 150 (Optional) – AUX Power Supply 24V DC power supply, Can be built into control gear, or designed as a stand-alone product, Suitable for devices with higher-power requirements – e.g. City-wide wireless transceivers, Provides 3W average, 6W peak, Data for enhanced asset management & performance monitoring, Data storage in DALI memory banks, with standardized format & locations.