IoT Consulting

Innovations in MEP Services

  1. Intercraftiot has embarked on the journey to be the  flag bearer of offering state of art MEP solutions to its clients
  2. Technology and energy saving potential of MEP services in changing every day. Intercraftiot is keeping its knowledge base and ears on ground to remain updated on all these fronts
  3. That means, the same MEP design is not repeated for new projects. It starts all over again to balance client’s needs, updated technologies and value for money

I.O.T. (Internet of things) driven System Design

  1. It is estimated that more than 50 billion devices will be connected from 2020 to 2030.
  2. This is causing major disruption to the way services and building components used to interact with each other
  3. IoT based system design allows wireless/wired connectivity of sensors, equipment, and commands in most cost-effective and intuitive way/ no gateways/ expensive wiring/ expensive software

I.T. Driven MEP Services

Gone are the days when MEP services were completely dis-connected with IT backbone

Multiple building systems can be run over a single IT cabling infrastructure

Wiring technologies and Electrical standards are now available where more than 50% of building services can be fed through PoE (Power over Ethernet). In simple terms, this forms part of D.C. Microgrids

Zone topology deployment

Convergence between I.T. and M.E.P. services helps data sharing and integrated action on command/event-based situations like evacuation when fire alarm gets activated

Power and control over the same infrastructure

These systems can include


Voice / Data


Video Surveillance

Access Control

Audio / Video

Fire Alarms / Safety

Energy Management


Digital Signage

B.I.M. (Building Information Modeling )
Helps Avoid Conflicts & Speedy Project Execution

IntercraftIOT issues drawings and expects shop drawings in BIM formats for non-conflicting coordination of various services and building elements

Helps in arresting delays, cost escalation both at the design stage and at the execution stage

Smart Basement Parking

  • Intelligent Lighting scheme senses presence/ movement and accordingly sets the scene helps in major energy cost-cutting; gives a feeling of safety
  • Un cluttered wiring and fixtures mounted on a customized cable tray to include lighting, sensors, CCTV and speakers, etc
  • Smart Tag-based entry and check out system with connected App for the pre-booking parking slot and cashless express check out

Visitor & Occupant entrance system

All occupants have Radio frequency based Smart tags ( can be also a Mobile Bluetooth or QR code), which permits them contact less entry through sliding/swing gates, turnstiles which allocates them particular destination dispatch elevator restricted to their allocated floor only

Integrated Building management system on IP wireless and wired protocol

  • Every Electrical, mechanical, plumbing and Low Voltage service are connected wirelessly to IBMS to achieve
  • Predictive maintenance, auto feedback to vendors for any predicted fault and service needs ( I.O.T. based)
  • Centralized operations and decentralized control to each individual for HVAC, Lighting scenes, and any complaint tickets
  • In case of emergency, all services will act intuitively as programmed without human intervention
  • Master control operators have single screens for all services in one view