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Environmental Sensor – a Multifunction sensor – for the accurate measurement of environmental parameter humidity – temperature – volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxidizing gases (NOx and O3) etc.
End customers receive reliable air quality and health and comfort benefit – based on measured data from sensor.


  • Humidity sensing: RH accuracy ±4.5%
  • Temperature sensing: T accuracy ±0.45°C
  • Particulate matter sensing:
Mass concentration precision for PM1 and PM2.5: ±5 μg/m3 AND 5% m.v.
Mass concentration precision for PM4 and
  • PM10: ±25 μg/m3
  • VOC sensing: <±15 VOC
  • Index points or % VOC Index m.v. (the larger)
  • Oxidizing gas sensing: <±15
  • NOx Index points or % NOx Index m.v. (the larger)