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Dali Bridge comes with two variants:

a) DALI Sensor Bridge (DSB)
b) DALI Bridge (DB)

DALI Sensor Bridge (DSB)
DALI Sensor Bridge is the intelligent device that communicates over i-Mesh wirelessly to the gateway and each DSB controls 16 DALI drivers / DALI 2 drivers.

DB (DALI Bridge)
In case, the project requires less number of sensors instead of using DSB, sensors and DBs to be used independent of each other.


Occu Lux
PIR & Lux Sensor is a multi-function sensor which senses presence and ambient light (Lux) Logical relations AND, OR can be set through IntercraftIOT Configuration software.

e-NVI Sensor
Occulux + Environmental Sensor – a Multi -function sensor – for the accurate measurement of environmental parameter humidity – temperature – volatile organic compounds (VOCs) along with presence and ambient light (Lux)

Microsens FTTO Micro-Switch (i-Mesh Gateway)

i-Mesh Gateway from Microsens Germany is an intelligent and most secure device which can address and control more than 500+ DSB/DB, thus making it truly reliable and scalable wireless gateway. It gather all the status information, Electrical parameters and diagnostic data from the DSB and sends it over the cloud using LAN or WiFi connectivity.

With inbuilt Secure MQTT protocol this gateway can seamlessly integrates with 3rdParty and also offer generated data on presence, Lux and environmental conditions to other building services like HVAC and Heating.

Why IntercraftIoT Clever Lighting Automation ?

  •  Compatible with Bluetooth universal Standard
  • Each wireless device discovers other wireless devices to form clusters that dynamically build the network.
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance
  • Over 1000 wireless devices with one gateway
  • Robust and Scalable
  • Reliable with Actionable data points
  • Future Ready