DALI i-Wired LMS

The DALI gateway is a device that acts as a control interface for luminaries with DALI protocol through i-Wired Protocol. With this device you can control up to 64 DALI luminaries including 16 luminaries groups, providing power required to include an integrated source (providing necessary supply to feed up to 64 DALI driver).

As with any other controller, you can control the DALI lighting control system from anywhere, from touch screens, buttons, PC, etc. On the other hand it is possible to make a more complete control, and address and direct parameters of each fixture using the DALI master along this gateway.


Occu Lux
PIR & Infrared movement detector with i-wire protocol. 360° detection angle with an area of 5m diameter to 2.5m height. It has a light sensor to turn on a control circuit according to the ambient light. Logical relations AND, OR can be set through IntercrafIot configuration software.

Actuator are used for Switching and Motorized Curtain/Blind Control application. They Communicate over i-Wired and Logic Operation / Configuration set through IntercraftIoT Configuration software. Available In
2CH/4CH/6CH/8CH – in 10A @230V AC.

e-NVI Sensor
Occulux + Environmental Sensor – a Multi -function sensor – for the accurate measurement of environmental parameter humidity – temperature – volatile organic compounds (VOCs) along with presence and ambient light (Lux)

Touch Pad/Keypad
These are front End User Interface , used for Control the entire operation as per User define. All kinds of configuration like individual Control, Scene Setting , Time Application set through Intercraft IOT Configuration software. They are available 2 /4/6/8 Touch Point and 100 Touch Point and 100 Scene Points, available in various design and color and Sizes 4”, 7.5” ,10 “.

Cloud Connect
Device for controlling i-Wire installation by Smart Android /iOS – Smart Phone /Web Browser. It incorporates web server with a full graphic interface. Compatible with Google Home for voice control of the smart home installation.

With inbuilt Secure MQTT protocol this gateway can seamlessly integrates with 3rdParty and also offer generated data on presence, Lux and environmental conditions to other building services like HVAC and Heating.

Why IntercraftIoT Clever Lighting Automation ?

  • Compatible with Bluetooth universal Standard
  • Compatible with DALI Standard
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance
  • Robust and Scalable
  • Reliable with Actionable data points
  • Future Ready