DALI Drivers

IntercraftIOT designs and produces wide range of DALI & DALI-2 LED Drivers. A DALI driver is an LED driver that will accept a DALI or DALI-2 input. In addition to its live & neutral terminals it will have two additional terminals marked DA, DA for attaching the DALI bus.

DALI Introduction

  • DALI – Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is a trademark of DiiA (DALI Alliance), a IEEE (Industry Standards and Technology Organization, Inc) for network-based systems that control lighting in building automation.
  • DALI is specified by technical standards IEC 62386 and IEC 60929.
  • A DALI network consists of a controller, a power supply and one or more slave devices.
  • Each device is assigned a unique short address in the numeric range 0 to 63.
  • DALI gateways can be used to implement systems that have upto 64 devices.
    Data is transferred between controller and devices over a two-wire bus, with a fixed data transfer rate of 1200 bit/s.
  • The bus is used for both signal and power. A power supply provides ≤ 250 mA at 16 V DC; each device may draw up to 2 mA.

DALI 2 Introduction

  • DALI-2 is the updated and improved version of the DALI lighting protocol, which includes more features and more product types and has a strong focus on product interoperability.
  • Specifically, DALI-2 refers to version 2 of IEC 62386, the international DALI standard. DALI-2 extends and enhances the strengths of DALI as a dedicated, standardised protocol for digital lighting control.
  • DALI-2 brings standardisation to system components such as sensors and other input devices, as well as application controllers, which are the ‘brains’ of a DALI system.
  • Which are intended to ensure that products from different suppliers are able to work together.
  • Compared with the original DALI version 1 standard, DALI-2 includes clearer specifications for control gear features such as timing, fading, power-on and start-up, as well as new features such as extended fade times.
  • DALI-2 is designed for backwards compatibility, so DALI-2 control gear can be used in older systems.
  • DALI-2 certification brings the promise of significantly improved multi-vendor interoperability compared with the current DALI (version-1) systems in the market.
  • Testing procedures for DALI-2 are much more detailed and comprehensive than for DALI version-1, and will be further improved if new issues are identified.
  • DALI-2 includes control devices for the first time
    • Control devices were not included in version 1 of the DALI standard, meaning it is not possible for control devices to carry the DALI version-1 logo. Only certified products can carry the DALI-2 logo.
  • Benefits of DALI-2 for control devices:
    • Application controllers and Input devices defined
    • Single-masters and multi-masters allowed
    • Event priorities defined
    • Separate addressing & grouping from control gear.

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